An Overview of the Benefits of CEH Certification

What does CEH actually mean?

As we all know, Cyber security is quite important because of malicious attacks and cyber crimes are increasing in day-to-day life. There is always a difference between a hacker and a certified ethical hacker. Certified ethical hackers work on protecting the data and creating a flawless network to a concerned workplace in a legal and lawful manner.

But hackers fetch data and network to ruin the system or a workplace. Certified ethical hacker training bestows the right training to find the flaws and vulnerabilities in a network system and also intimate the knowledge for defending from unwanted attacks.

Benefits offered by CEH certification

The foremost benefit of CEH certification is understanding and improving the knowledge of risks and vulnerabilities made by a hacker. By getting trained in CEH training in Toronto the individual can step into his career in security systems. It teaches all the information about cyber security and trains how to overcome network system attacks by hackers.

CEH benefits your career by serving job security; a person with CEH can get a high salary from an organization. Cybercert qualifies you as an expert in cyber security so that you can be quickly hired by an organization that needs complete cyber security protection. The areas of certified ethical hackers include safeguarding systems, and preventing attacks by regulating proper network testing.

As cybercriminals are innovative they always find ways to create new various attacks on IT infrastructure. CEH course in Toronto increases your ability to know more about how a hacker attacks other systems and the instruments he used for the progress. Cybercert guides you with preventive measures towards illegal hacking and makes you think equally like a hacker.

The Bottom Line

CEH is a new certified course for IT security that offers a concise overview of the distinctive approach of a hacker to be enough to protect against certain evil attacks.

Cybercert nourishes you with cyber security knowledge by providing training on areas of networking. The training was based on how to prevent cyber security attacks. Get trained with Cybercert for best-certified courses in cyber security, network security, cloud computing, and management courses.

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4 Major Types of Cybercrime and How to Protect Against Them

The term cybercrime describes a crime against computers, networks, or networked devices. Cybersecurity refers to protecting our network and data from any unauthorized use. This article provides a solution to overcome a few cyberattacks that affect people on a daily basis these days.


Phishing is a type of social engineering attack where the attacker trick to get unauthorized access by clicking malicious URLs and e-mail attachments to using unsuspected users to collect login credential details. This helps in gaining access to their financial accounts and email. 

The solution to phishing attacks

Users can protect themselves by being aware of suspicious links or email attachments. Avoid providing any kind of information on websites that are not secure. The answer to how to check if the website is secured or not is that secure websites always display a little padlock at the start of the URL.


Ransomware infects a victim’s computer via phishing attacks or an exploit kit campaign. It encrypts and blocks the access of the user’s own data. It demands an exchange of payment in return for the victim’s own data. IT security training online bestows ransomware protection to secure data.

The solution to ransomware protection

Formally data backup helps in such cases and users should maintain a dual backup for the extra protection of the data. In case of any ransomware attack, extra backup can be used. Because there is no assurance of getting back the data from ransomware, even if the money is paid


Malware is usually a term of code or program built to attack a user’s computer even without the concerned user’s access. Malware reaches in many ways, majorly comes in malicious software packages that exploit unpatched software. Once the installation is done, attackers can use this malware to steal personal financial information.

The solution to Malware protection

Practicing safe browsing can protect you from malware. Users should always update operating systems, plugins, and browsers, install security software and update as soon as security updates are available. Use strong protection or save passwords in a secure location and practice safe browsing. IT security training online helps you to learn skills that secure data from malware.


Trojans are available in various types such as Backdoor Trojans, Exploit Trojans, Rootkit Trojans, Banker Trojans, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Trojans, and Downloader Trojans.

If you notice that your device is running slow or sometimes shows strange behavior, there is a trojan attack behind it. In such cases, the trojan attack is to blame.

The solution to Trojan attacks

Effective cybersecurity software should be installed on your computer for protection. As it runs fast, it frequently scans and alerts you when a Trojan virus is detected. Downloading and installing software from a trusted source can help in avoiding trojan attacks

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